Student Brunching – Top Melbourne University cafes

Graduation is nearing and what better way to farewell six years of blissful student life, than to dedicate a blog to the cafes that have filled my lunch breaks and ‘missed’ lectures. Here are the best cafes that are within walking distance from the University of Melbourne:

Top 3: Le Miel Et La Lune, Seven Seeds, Stovetop 


Baked eggs are Animal Orchestra’s specialty, served with a thick slice of buttery bread. It makes an appearance on this list for sentimental value, having been a great source of comfort during study breaks. It was one of the first brunch restaurants I visited, before my obsession with food exploded. Newspaper and magazine clippings for wallpaper is a totally hip idea. It’s nothing spectacular, but baked eggs have always served as great winter comfort food following those looming winter exams.

Recommended Dish: Chorizo baked eggs

Animal Orchestra

Animal Orchestra on Urbanspoon


Who doesn’t love an authentic Italian pizza? Kaprica pays homage to its Italian roots with quality toppings and great simple pizzas. It’s no D.O.C, but the toppings are good enough for a return visit. As the pizza nazis will proudly proclaim ‘ NO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA, ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS!’ The decor is rustic and charming and if pizza’s aren’t your fancy, a range of Italian mains are also on offer.

Recommended Dish: Proscuitto Pizza- Tomato, proscuitto, rocket, parmesan + Strawberry & Ricotta Tart

Kaprica on Urbanspoon


A 10 minute walk from Melbourne University – this corner cafe’s menu is best described as French inspired with a Korean influence. Thinly sliced pork belly, kim chi and enoki mushrooms are examples of Asian ingredients you can expect to find as fusion elements. Le Miel et La Lune is definitively more interesting than your standard brunch fare.

Recommended Dish: Potato hash w/ Pork belly, Poached egg , Mixed mushrooms

Pork Belly

Le Miel Et La Lune on Urbanspoon


If today isn’t an eggs on toast kind of day, consider the hip Thai restaurant that is walking distance from ‘The Spot’. One look at this seemingly dilapidated space, decorated with Thai furnishings and hipster odd-bits, reminds diners of the fantastic diversity of the Melbourne dining scene. Here we have a place that is sooo very Melbourne, serving up authentic Thai dishes to hungry students and locals. Choose from an array of tangy salads, curries, sliders and rice dishes.

Middle Fish on Urbanspoon


‘Big things come in small packages’, certainly applies at this cosy corner cafe. Discovered accidentally, this quaint space is subtle on the eye with a basic organic menu. Smashed Avocado is a classic brunch dish. Queensberry’s version is a tasty interpretation, with shaved parmesan, corn and scatterings of pepitas for added crunch. It was also great to see a cafe soft boil their eggs, rather than poach them. On Mondays they roast their own coffee beans and they also do a mean smoothie. Seems that I have accidentally discovered another coffee roaster in Melbourne. Great place for a student hangout.

Recommended Dish : Smashed Avocado w/ Parmesan, Pepitas, Corn

Smashed Eggs Smashed Avocado

Queensberry Pourhouse on Urbanspoon


Seven seeds is a micro roaster, cafe and coffee retailer all-in-one. From my perspective, Seven Seeds is the original hipster cafe, serving top notch food within a trendy converted warehouse. Notably, producing one of the best coffees in Melbourne, its proximity to the University of Melbourne means its popularity amongst students and staff is maintained. The menu and coffee beans are constantly evolving between seasons, providing an opportunity to salivate at the array of rotating dishes and premium coffee.

Recommended Dish: Waygu Burger w/ Pork Crackle

Wagyu burger w/ Pork crackle

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon


A short distance from the Law Building, Stovetop is a recent addition to the university café scene. Cinnamon waffles, sweet potato latkes and baked duck eggs would make any student’s stomach rumble. Menu options are diverse, ranging from semolina baked gnocchi to confit ocean trout. No need for Union House food in this domain.

Recommended Dish: Duck Egg Baked in Sauteed Spinach w/ Roast Pumpkin, Persian Fetta, House Za’atar

Baked  Gnocchi Latte

Stovetop on Urbanspoon

All images by Hungrycookie (exception Kaprica – obtained from Urbanspoon)

10 thoughts on “Student Brunching – Top Melbourne University cafes”

  1. Yay, thanks for all the great suggestions! I’m new to Melbourne and live in Carlton so I’ll be checking all of these out on my sunday brunch adventures :) My first one was at Common Ground Coffee on victoria st – typical menu but I thought it was pretty good!

  2. YUM! I was thinking of checking out Stovetop sometime in the next few weeks and you definitely just made up my mind. Looks delicious!

  3. Thanks for these delicious looking suggestions. I can see we need to get to the city more often to try these tempting restaurants. Interested to follow your blog too! :-)

  4. You know it is almost like I am traveling to these places although I am far away in USA, Alabama. Some of the dishes are not what I am used to eating, but maybe you have not had frog legs or turtle either. To each his own and good dining.

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