A Guide To Brunching in Seddon

Seddon is a trendy area in the Western suburbs, that has yet to be overpopulated by hipsters. Residents love their brunch. Their addiction is fuelled by an abundance of cafes, all walking distance from the quaint victorian style housing that gives the suburb it’s old world charm. Imagine kids sipping on babycinos and leashed puppy eyed dogs salivating for a taste of that sweet, sweet bacon. The following brunch destinations are within the Victoria Street area:

1. Seddon Deadly Sins

A cafe themed around the Seven Deadly Sins is a genius idea. If your a Melbournite and a regular reader of food blogs, I’m guessing that yours is gluttony? Touche. Seddon Deadly sins is one of the older cafes on the block. Ample competition sustains the consistently delicious food. Gluttony was our sin, devouring crispy pork belly with a side of creamy mash, beer battered haloumi and a beautifully decorated caramel macadamia cheesecake. Don’t judge, I see calories as delicious points.

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Winter Nights @ Queen Victoria Night Market

Every Wednesday night until August 27th,  QVM plays host to the Luna 1878 Winter Night Market. The historic sheds are transformed into a winter spectacle of twinkling fairy lights, live music and crackling fire pits. The illuminated roof, lit with a multitude of vibrant colours, acts as a backdrop to the rising smoke of sizzling grills and the aroma of wholesome winter food ready for piggish consumption.

The Summer Night Markets have always been a great success with masses of hungry crowds patiently queueing for a taste of international street food.  It was only natural for the idea to perpetuate into the winter months, with Melbourne food bellies rumbling a sweet hurrah. The usual favourites are here for winter, joined by big name stalls such as Hammer & Tong, Mamak, Wonderbao and 400 Gradi. Hot bowls of lobster bisque, steaming hot mussels, suckling pig, duck waffles and mulled wine are examples of the mouth watering options on offer. I highly recommend the pork belly/fried chicken gua bao from Wonderbao, with a bowl of creamy clam chowder and a caramelised sweet treat from the creme brûlée cart. Simply yum.

Rain, hail or shine, the sheds and outdoor heaters will shelter you against the winter elements. We failed to notice the pouring rain, happily distracted and sheltered by the gratification of our content bellies.  With the variety on offer, get ready to loosen the belt buckle and warm the winter tastebuds. With only two weeks left to attend, the Luna 1878 Night Markets await your visit!


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Menulog : Food Delivered Straight to Your Door

Busy, busy, busy. Modern life can take it’s toll on the best of us. Learning to achieve a balance between work, education and lifestyle is a challenge for many Australians. Gruelling days hardly inspire the need to create elaborate sumptuous feasts. Unless your a Stepford wife or Jamie Oliver, an opportunity to relax in front of the TV judging the absurdness of reality TV sounds more appealing than attempting to replicate a 10 course degustation menu. Don’t get me wrong. I love cooking and healthy eating, but sometimes a lady needs a break. If only food could magically appear from the heavens onto our dining table whilst dressed in uggies and PJ’s, that would be great. Enter smartphones and the internet, and the above is very achievable.

Menulog is an online takeaway food app and delivery service, that allows users to order local food from the comfort of their computer or smartphone. The food is delivered straight to the door, warm and fresh and ready for piggish consumption. No need to leave the house. No need to even speak to the restaurant. Hello convenience! 

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Back to Black

‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me’. Yohji Yamamoto understands the allure and simplicity of black. It is an undeniably forgiving colour, hiding a multitude of sins, slimming our Melbourne food bellies and seamlessly matching our wardrobes. Fashion designers will never leave black alone, it will never date and never leave the runway. The little black dress popularised by Coco Chanel is glamour and sartorial effortlessness personified. In recent years, cut-outs , asymmetry and monochromatic prints breathe new life into the ageless LBD.

Here are several picks from recent collections along with affordable alternatives:


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Beef Skewers with Wasabi Mayo

Who doesn’t love potatoes? They are the golden vegetable for deliciousness and versatility. Roasted, fried, hashed, baked – it’s uses are endless and in my opinion deserves the title for best vegetable in existence. This recipe with a twist is brought to you by M.J Mow Gourmet potatoes situated at Prahran Markets. The stall specialises in selling all types of potatoes that would make any potato lover a tad excited. To help you make the most of their amazing produce, here’s a Beef Skewers recipe with a unique Wasabi Mayonnaise to provide a kick to your traditional mayo! If you are particularly adventurous, you can also buy fresh wasabi from the store.

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Mr Hive – Dessert Degustation

Dessert lovers unite for the greatest debutante of all – the dessert degustation. A culinary concept normally associated with sampling small portions of a chef’s signature dishes, has been re-translated to celebrate everything sweet. Mr Hive’s degustation is not for the faint hearted. Seriously… it is not for the faint hearted. I was left convulsing in sugar induced excitement followed by a deep food coma. First world problems ay? Nonetheless, it was 100% worth it.

The degustation consisted of 4 courses of dessert. The sugar dial was gradually increased as we moved from the freshness of a basil sorbet, to the decadence and richness of the signature chocolate bar. That was all fine and good, until we were presented with a bottle of viscous chocolate milk, corked with a white chocolate passionfruit truffle that signified the end to a truly rich evening and a craving for salt.

We tasted the following dishes in descending order:

White Chocolate Mousse / Basil Sorbet 

An oasis of tropical flavours set upon a base of smooth chocolate mousse accented with mango cubes, roasted coconut, tempered white chocolate and an interesting basil sorbet. The combination yielded flavours that were bold and tantalisingly fresh. This dessert acted as a palate cleanser and was the favourite of the night.

Citrus Eton Mess

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Honey, Bees & Food supply

Humans have been consuming honey since the dawn of time from ancient civilisations to present times. The golden liquid is appreciated for its delectable sweetness and is produced by honey bees using nectar collected from flowers. I visited Hart’s Honey at the Dandenong Markets to learn about nature’s gift.

Joe Hart has been producing honey in Victoria for years. He and his grand-daughter were adorable and lovely, giggling as I was taking pictures of his beloved stall. The beehives are located across regions of Victoria allowing him to fine tune the taste of his honey. If you have been purchasing generic honey from the supermarket, you will be astounded at the taste difference. Similar to wine, where characteristics are influenced by the varietal of grape. The characteristics and flavour of honey can be influenced by the type of flowers from which the bees have collected nectar. Continue reading